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Next Free Qi Gong Distant Healing, 9-13-09, 7-8pm PST

Free Qi Gong Distant Healing by Michael Mohoric
Sept. 13, 2009,
7-8pm PST (10-11pm EST)

Hi everyone,I wanted to share this email from Michael Mohoric regarding his new free Qi Gong Distant Healing Session on Sunday, Sept. 13, 2009, 7-8pm PST (10-11pm EST).For more information read Michael's email below:

Dear Linda ,I'm doing another free distant energy healing session for everyone on my email list and all their friends, families, and anyone else who reads this. The main healing session will be on Sunday Sept. 13, 2009 from 7-8pm Pacific Time or California Time (10-11pm EST).You can join this free distant energy healing session by using your intention to be included. If you wish to join, just close your eyes for a minute when you read this and mentally say that you intend to join the session and want to be included. That is all you have to do to connect with the energy and you don't have to do anything else. Healing energy can begin to flow to you once you do this as many people who have done this before have reported. I'll be doing unscheduled energy adjustments leading up to the 9/13 main session and you can receive a lot of healing energy before the main session on Sun. 9/13.You can include other people by following the instructions later in this email.For those who want to know more about this work you can read my website . I was the past Secretary of the International Tibetan Qigong Association and found I had a gift for distant energy healing after recovering from a serious spinal cord injury.This is not a telephone or Internet session. All you do is just relax and sit or lie down during the session and pay attention to what is happening in your body. Because there will be many people in the session, I please ask that you don't email or call to join. I wouldn't be able to handle all the email unless it is done this way. You join simply by using your intention after reading this email. Also because this will be a big group I won't be able to answer questions before the session and I'll give the details you will need in this email. Please feel free to email me your experiences after the session is over.Besides the main healing session I'll be doing regular unscheduled energy adjustments leading up to Sept. 13 for those who intend to join before the main session. People can begin to notice effects of the energy adjustments soon after intending to join. Sensitive people can feel the effects of this adjustment period strongly before the main session. Here are comments from people who felt the energy working soon after intending to join."This is my first experience with this type of healing and I was skeptical. I am sensitive and from the time I joined I have felt this flow of energy and coolness. It's quite interesting."Hi, "just the minute i intended to take part, while reading the e-mail, i could feel the energy! i felt waves and waves of energy. thanks so much for sharing this blessing with us!" annaM: "I just joined for the session and soon I started to feel tingling sensations in my upper arms and my legs. And when I set back in the chair, it encompassed my entire body." LindaMichael, "Shortly after I signed up, I started to feel some tingling sensation around my feet. The vibration got stronger and started to work its way up into my ankles, calves and thighs. And now 24 hours later, I'm still feeling the effects of it. If this is what you call unscheduled intermittent adjustments WOW. I can't wait for the main session to start. Thank you very much" VernaThis is not a telephone or Internet session. To receive the energy you just sit or lie down and relax on Sunday Sept. 13 from 7-8 PM Pacific or Los Angeles, California Time (10-11pm EST) and receive the energy. Even if you have to be active during the session you can still receive great benefit. If you live in a different country you can convert the time on the Internet by searching for a World Time Clock.The energy works on many levels, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Even though this is a group healing session, the energy will work with everyone individually. The energy is intelligent and knows best how to work with your energy system. The energy infuses light and energy into your energy field and can clear and balance the chakras, acupuncture meridians and other energetic channels. The energy won't get dissipated with a large group and can even get stronger with more people. Distance isn't a problem and you can receive this energy anywhere in the world.I ask for your help and please forward this to anyone you think may be interested. Anyone can join even if they haven't done this work before. It's easier to forward this email by clicking the forward button in your email program than use the link at the bottom of the page.You can post this wherever you think it would be helpful, message boards, blogs, Facebook and other social websites, chat rooms, twitter, etc.. If you want to just post a url instead of the whole message then here is a url to my blog that gives all the information about the free session. can help many people by forwarding this email. Because we are in a time of major transformation predicted by many different ancient cultures, it is easier than ever to transform negative beliefs and energy patterns.Many spiritual traditions teach that we are all connected and now some Quantum Physicists are saying the same thing. These ancient teachings often mention the most important thing we can do is help others. When we help others we are also helping ourselves because we are all connected.In Chaos Theory there is a term called the butterfly effect. This term is used to suggest that small actions or variations in a system can affect giant and complex systems. It suggests that possibly a butterfly flapping it's wings in one part of the world over time could create a tornado in another part of the world or change it's direction. If you send this email to others we don't know how it will affect the bigger picture. You could send it to your friends and they could send it to their friends and it could affect hundreds of people or many people could read it on a message board.I'm only a conduit for the energy and not the source and give all credit to the Universe, Divine, Spirit or whatever term one may want to use. The energy helps people to adjust their energy field so they can heal themselves. I believe all healing is self healing. I'm very grateful for this gift and happy to share it.I liken what I do to the transmitting antenna of a radio station. I'm not the source of the energy and just transmit the universal energy and frequencies. When you use your intention to join the session it is like a radio tuning into a radio station. When you post and email this to your friends then you are transmitting the healing energy to them. We will all be broadcasting healing energy to many thousands of people all around the planet.A few other people wrote these comments after sessions.Maureen Moss is the Executive Producer and host of World Puja Network, which is one of the oldest and largest holistic global Internet programs. She is the author of several books and wrote this about Michael's work; "The power of his work has continuously astounded me and shifted me! Michael Mohoric is one of the best energy healers I have ever had the pleasure of working with in my life... Michael is a Master Conductor of Energy!"Sandy Johnson, is the author of "Mystics & Healers, Travels Into The World of Mystics, Shamans, & Miracle Makers", a book about healers with unusual abilities including John of God. She wrote this about this energy work after the book was published; "Even with all my exposure to healers of all types, this work leaves me amazed."Ingrid Bacci has authored best-selling books, CD's and DVD's on self-healing and is a respected healer. She is a former professor and graduate of Harvard and Columbia Universities. Ingrid wrote the following about this work.Hello Michael: "I want to thank you from my heart for the session Wednesday, the first I have experienced with you. As a 'healer', or facilitator of energy flow from the Universe, I recognized immediately the purity and effectiveness of your work. Before the session started, on Wednesday morning, I could feel some old emotional toxins come up and then clear. During the session itself, I felt first some 'kriya' spasms, then very strong images of gushing blue water, and then felt the energy working to open up my entire cranium and rebalance me at a deeper level in that area. I am well aware that the more 'open' our system, the more energy we can both receive and transmit, and your work felt truly profound. I also found the work very 'instructive' in the sense of guiding me to where I need to work within myself to receive at deeper levels, and a higher energy for helping others heal. Feel free to share these comments if you like. I look forward to working together more with you. Blessings, light, and many thanks," Ingrid Bacci You can print this out and mail it to friends who don't have email to join the session. You can also read this to people over the phone if they don't have email and they'll get the energy when they use their intention to join.For those in foreign countries you can translate this into your native language and send it to your friends to include them. Just try and stay as close and true as you can to the meaning of this email. You can leave out the testimonials in your translation.How to Include OthersIf you want to include other family members living at home in the session then just write their names on a piece of paper and put "Energy Healing" at the top of the page. Leave the paper out in the open on a counter or desk. Please don't send me their names in an additional email. You need to get other adult's permission to be included (don't tell me). You don't need to get your children's permission. Anyone else outside your home will have to join by reading this email and using their intention to join. You can also include your pets by putting their names on the paper. Animals love the energy and respond very positively. This isn't a phone session. You can be anywhere and receive the energy. Your intent to join is the connection. You could be in your car or on a plane and still receive the energy. It's best to try and be quiet during the session on Sun. 9/13 and just notice what is happening in your body. You can sit or lie down. You can still be active and get good results during the session but optimal results are obtained by being quiet during the session. It's ok to sleep during the session. It's helpful to not bathe right after the session, wait until the next morning. Try to avoid cold drinks the night of the main session. It's also good to take it easy the next day after the session and if you exercise do it very moderately. It's best to use the energy for healing and not for a lot of activity. The energy can continue to work in your body several days or more after the session.I like to hear from people after the session so please feel free to email me your experience and I may have some feedback for you.If you are not on my email list and would like to receive notices about other free sessions and my monthly newsletter then you can sign up through my website.'t subscribe with the link at the bottom of this email. You don't have to sign up to be on my email list to receive the energy. I send monthly notices when I start new monthly sessions and I also do these free sessions about every two months. Once I've worked with someone I will then be able to send them energy in case they are ever caught in a disaster area to help them cope with the situation.If after the session you would like to do more work with me then you can sign up through my website. I offer a monthly healing program for $99.There is no set time for the unscheduled adjustments before the main session on Sunday 9/13/09 and you can receive this energy at any time. The unscheduled adjustments before the session can be a very powerful time. You may notice many things before, during and after the session. Some people may feel peaceful, energized, centered, balanced and sleep better. Others may be more emotional, restless and lethargic as they detoxify, which is very good. There can be a lot of purification happening on many levels during this time, emotional, mental and physical.Before and during the session people can feel different energy sensations working in their body. Some of these feelings can be tingling, electrical, vibrating, heat, coolness, cold, pressure, lightness and other things. If you feel very cold then this is a sign that old stagnant energy is leaving your system. Try to stay warm if you feel very cold.It is ok if you have to be active during the session. Many people have to work or take care of their families during this time. It can still be very beneficial if you aren't able to be quiet. It reduces the effects some but a lot of energy can still get in. You can also sleep during the session. This is good way to receive the energy because you will be relaxed.Try not to work on anything during the session, just be receptive and let the energy do it's work. The energy knows where to work where it is most needed in your system. I've worked with thousands of people this way and get many reports from surprised people when the energy often finds their blockages even though they haven't told me their symptoms.Usually a great majority of people will have very positive results from the session. Some people are more sensitive and can feel a lot of energy moving in their body. Others may not feel the energy but will notice good effects. Before and after the sessions people can feel calm, centered, energized and balanced. They can also feel their pain greatly reduced or eliminated. Like any modality this won't work for everyone but most people see great results.Don't worry if you feel odd pains come and go leading up to the main session. This is good. As the energy clears the blockage in an area it can result in temporary pain. Also people can feel extra emotional during this time, which is also very good. From a Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medical perspective much dis-ease is caused by emotional repression. The energy from these repressed emotions get stored in the organs and tissues of the body. The energy from the sessions can help to release these stored emotions. When we release repressed emotions then we can bring about deep healing. It takes a lot of energy to hold down the emotions and when they are released we can have much more energy available to us.Sometimes people can have very beautiful and peaceful dreams during the sessions. Others can have some strange dreams. This is also beneficial. The sessions can help people to release old negative energy. The energy works like a virus detection program on a computer and can remove and cancel negative energy patterns, beliefs and programming. Some people will notice that some of their old negative ways of thinking will simply be gone and sometimes addictions fall away. Don't worry if you have scary dreams during the sessions. As one releases old repressed fear out of their energy system then the mind can give it a symbol. The symbols and fear are coming from your own mind. The energy work is not causing anything, only helping to release old stuck energy and emotions.The energy helps to purify, cleanse and detoxify the body and mind. As the energy works through the energy blockages it can cause toxins to be released that are stored in the area. Some people may feel achy or tired at times leading up to the session. This is good and very, very helpful in the healing process. Tiredness is a sign that the body is using most of it's energy for healing. Many modalities recognize the positive effects from detoxification. You may also find that you have to go to the bathroom more as you release toxins. During the purification process your organs of elimination will be energetically supported to help them release the toxins. I have done this process with thousands of people and the energy always works for people's highest good. If you don't feel good some of the time, try and hold the thought that you are healing.The time leading up to and a little while after the main energy session can be a little bit like a roller coaster ride. You can feel very energized one day and then tired the next day as you release more toxins. Just realize that every time you don't feel good that it is a powerful time for healing and that you are raising the vibration of your energy system.I am very grateful for this opportunity to work with everyone. Michael
Disclaimer: I, Michael Mohoric, am not a medical doctor and do not practice medicine. I don't diagnose, heal, cure or treat disease. I recommend people continue to see their medical doctors and follow their advice. My work is a complement to conventional medicine. This spiritual energy work is not a substitute for conventional medical treatment of any kind, physical or psychological. For such issues you should seek the proper licensed physician or health care professional. This energy work may help the bio-field to come into energetic balance. Qigong theory believes when one's energy field is in balance, the body's latent healing ability can heal itself. I make no promises or guarantees about the results of this work.

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2009 Predictions by Sylvie Steinbach

Hi everyone,

Just a short note to share the link to my friend's, Sylvie Steinbach's, 2009 Predictions.
The address is or you can click on the title. Wishing everyone the very best in 2009. Linda K Marchena

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Dec. 12th, Women's Christmas; New Year Eve Focused Intent

Women's Christmas (December 12th), and Faerie Cakes

Hi everyone
For all the ladies out there, I just wanted to let you know that every December 12th, is Women's Christmas. On this day it is believed that if you make Faerie Cakes and eat them that you will be able to see the Faerie Realm.
Below is the story on the Faerie Cakes, and 2 different recipes for these Faerie Cakes. The first one is the more traditional version, and the other is a Diabetic version. The traditional version calls for Saltanas. Saltanas are Golden Raisins.

Here are the 2 versions of the Faerie Cakes
Faerie Cakes are an Irish Recipe for the Holiday Nollaig na mBan (Women's Christmas), which is celebrated on December 12th of every year. The cakes magical properties not only include seeing the Faerie Realm (after eating one of the cakes) on December 12th, but they can be used on other days (however they have to be baked on December the 12th), as a fertility charm or in healing the sick.
First I will give you the more traditional recipe. The second recipe will be a Diabetic recipe.
Version I Traditional Faerie Cakes
1 stick butter
2/3 cup sugar
2 eggs, beaten
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
Grated rind of one orange
3/4 teaspoon baking powder
1 1/4 cups flour
1 tablespoon milk
1/3 cup sultanas (Sultanas are Golden Raisins)

Sugar Icing
2 cups powdered sugar
2 tablespoons water, boiling
Cream butter and sugar together until light and fluffy. Beat in eggs, vanilla and orange rind. Sift in the baking powder and flour together and add to the butter mixture. Add a little milk to create a batter of dropping consistency. Fold in the Sultanas (GoldenRaisins), and spoon the mixture into well greased muffin cups. Bake at 375 degrees for 25 minutes. Take out of oven, let cool. Then drizzle on sugar icing and serve.

Version II Faerie Drops (Diabetic)

This recipe yields 24 Cookies. Food exchange, 1 cookie = 1/3 bread. Calories 1 cookie = 20. Carbohydrates 1 cookie = 4 grams.

1/3 cup unsweetened applesauce 90 mL
2 egg whites
1 teaspoon vanilla extract 5 mL
1/2 teaspoon almond flavoring 2 mL
1 cup all purpose flour 250 mL
2 tablespoons granulated sugar 30 mL replacement (ex. Splenda, Stevia, Equal)
1 tablespoon ground cardamom 15 mL
1/2 teaspoon cream of tartar 2 mL
1/4 teaspoon baking soda 1 mL
Combine applesauce, egg whites, vanilla and almond flavoring in a medium size bowl. Beat with a fork until thoroughly blended. Combine flour, sugar replacement, cardamom, cream of tartar and baking soda into a sifter. Sift onto a piece of waxed paper; pour back into the sifter, and sift again. Pour flour mixture back intothe sifter again and sift directly into the applesauce mixture. Beat with a fork until well blended. Mixture will be sticky. Cover and chill for at least 1 hour or until needed.
Spray cookie sheet lightly with a vegetable oil spray. Using a teaspoon drop cookie dough onto the greased cookie sheet. Bake at 375 degrees F (190 degrees C) for 12 to 15 minutes. Remove from cookie sheet and cool. That is it.
Have fun and enjoy these recipes. I hope you try these and share your expierence with me. If nothing else, it is a delightful activiy to do with children. I have found that children really enjoy doing this.
Have a wonderful Holiday Season.
Wishing everyone the very best,
Linda K Marchena

The Power of Focused Intent for New Year's Eve

Every year I have told my client's that there is a belief that states that one should have some money on their person on New Year's Eve, just as the clock strikes Midnight going into New Year's Day. The reason for this, it is a symbol that the person will never be broke, and it affirms the idea of abundance.
If a person wants to focus on romance or a happy commited relationship, then they should have on their person (at midnight of New Year's Eve. going into New Year's Day) something pink or something that represents this intent.

This action of intent can be used with Health, Spiritual Growth, as well as others. This can be done by again having something on the person at midnight that represents the intent to be manifested during the year.

I have found this to be a fun and easy thing to do. Even during New Year's Eve Parties, I have found that the guests have enjoyed doing this, including the children.
I wish everyone a wonderful and safe Holiday Season and New Year's Holiday. Have lots of fun, but please remember to use designated drivers if you are drinking.

Wishing everyone a joyous holiday season,
Linda K Marchena

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Gathering Together – Celebrating Our Love for Each Other, Nature, and the Cosmos

Gathering Together – Celebrating Our Love for Each Other, Nature, and the Cosmos

I, Linda Kay Marchena, will be among several presenters for an upcoming Workshop in Carlsbad, California, through the Western School of Feng Shui. The event will be held October 10-13, 2008.

Gathering Together – Celebrating Our Love for Each Other, Nature and the Cosmos
with Terah Kathryn Collins and WSFS Alumni
In Carlsbad by the Sea, CA
Friday – Monday, October 10-13, 2008
We are thrilled to highlight the genius of our Alumni Presenters.

For complete information, please visit

There is a creative body of work that has been steadily growing over the past decade. It includes inspirational books, games, artwork, and healing technologies, as well as transformational contributions to the medical, educational, architectural, and business worlds. This body of work springs from the hearts of people who are expressing their love for each other, Nature, and the Cosmos. As environmental healers and teachers, their creativity gives voice to their inner truth and fulfills their purpose in life. As kindred spirits, they are the alumni of the Western School of Feng Shui.

Gathering Together – Celebrating Our Love for Each Other, Nature, and the Cosmos is a forum for celebrating the creative genius that flourishes in our Feng Shui community. It is an opportunity for many of the inspired voices of WSFS alumni to share their discoveries, contributions, and achievements. It is a time to explore your own unique gifts and enjoy your Feng Shui family. And, in the beauty of Nature, it is a place for us to gather together and celebrate life!

This training features select speakers and many creative works from the WSFS Alumni, and Terah Kathryn Collins who will share inspiring insights from her upcoming book, The Three Sisters of the Tao © on Feng Shui, the I Ching, and Chinese medicine.

Reserve your seat now for an inspiring, enlightening and transforming weekend. We look forward to celebrating the creative genius in us all.

Gathering Together – Celebrating Our Love for Each Other, Nature, and the Cosmos
Details and Registration Information to Register:
Fax or mail your completed Registration form to: (760) 633-1608
WSFS, PO Box 946, Solana Beach CA 92075

Or, register by phone at 800-300-6785 Or, register on-line at

Your paid receipt and Gathering packet will be emailed to you by Monday July 7th, or within 5 business days.

Carlsbad by the Sea and our Event Venue

Carlsbad-by-the-Sea is a small, picturesque village set on the Pacific Coast. Our Training venue, the beautiful, new Carlsbad Senior Center (Saturday and Sunday only), and the ocean-view Heritage Hall (Friday and Monday only) anchors us within a 6-block radius to numerous hotels, restaurants, shops, and of course the beach. The ocean proximity and charming surroundings make this the perfect place to celebrate our connection with Nature, the Cosmos, and each other.
Transportation options include the Carlsbad Train Station in the heart of Carlsbad Village, servicing both Amtrak and the Coaster, Carlsbad's Palomar Airport ten minutes East, and the San Diego Airport forty minutes South.

Where to stay

There are plenty of hotels in the area to choose from. For our list, please visit

Graceful Lifestyles - Feng Shui Interior Redesign 5 Day Certification Program

Feng Shui Interior Redesign™ 5 Day Certificate Course
Click Here For More Information & Pictures
Commences: November 5th-9th 2008
Instructor: Mary Dennis
The School of Graceful Lifestyles™ offers an Interior Redesign Program that uniquely integrates the principles of Feng Shui Green Design with Interior Decorating and Home Showcasing.

Patterned after the many popular makeover classes, you will be taught how to blend what’s already in the space with new design elements. The focus is on maximum impact with minimum cost.
Incorporated in this five day program is a template that can be used again and again. Acquiring basic skills such as: palette selection, floor plan designs, furniture styles, vendor alliances, portfolio assembly, and successful business procedures will enrich the practice of each consultant.
This course differs from other Redesign programs in that Graceful Lifestyles™ looks beyond the surface decorating into the very soul of the space. Feng Shui addresses the harmony and balance unique to each dwelling. You will create sacred spaces.
Your new interior redesign skills will add confidence and generate additional revenue streams. This program is ideal for the Feng Shui professional looking to enhance their business and will provide the tools to create a new career in the Interior Redesign market. Realtors will also benefit by introducing the Home Showcasing tips to their clients. Or simply use the basic decorating skills you will acquire in this course to craft a sophisticated and elegant home for your family. You will be certified as a Graceful Lifestyles™ Consultant upon completion of this five day program
Here's What One Student Had This To Say:
"Dear Mary Dennis,

I could not have predicted how terrific this program would be. Beyond the information-which is prodigious , your energy and teaching style made it a valuable and inspirational education, which is sure to proliferate both my professional and personal life. Oodles of gratitude.

Nurit Schwartzbaum "

Included in Tuition:
•Student binders that reproduce all power point slides, as well as
original handouts and article reprints
•Fun afternoon snacks
•Graceful Lifestyles Survey Bag
•Listing as a Certified Consultant on our website
“Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.” - Joseph Campbell

•Cost of Program: $1799.00 - After September 15th.
$1500.00 - Early registration before September 15th. save

•Location: The Celebration Hotel
700 Bloom St. Celebration, FL 34747
Kissimmee, Florida( right out side of Disney World)
Alternative Lodging Available
•Registration form: Click Here. Please write in on the Registration Form as being
referred by Linda Kay Marchena

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Uniting Against Fear

Uniting Against Fear

By Linda Kay Marchena

I remember when just a child of 7 years, the atmosphere of fear that surrounded our lives. It was the Cold War Era. The main topic of conversation at our dinner table and our neighbors' was about building bomb shelters, and stocking up on a years supply of can goods and water. You know, just in case someone decided to drop a nuclear bomb. Schools at that time had air raid drills besides the regular fire drills.

Today everyone is talking about terrorism as part of their topic of conversation. There is something wrong when we live in a world with so much potential for good, that we expose children to things to fear of on a daily basis.

Children being hurt, killed abused in all sorts of ways, by war, gang violence, abusive family members.

Just think of how much good and how much better this world would be if the adults of the world would unite together to say no more. No to their own anger, no to their fear, no to their selfishness, no to the past traumas of their lives that trigger extreme behavior such as an unhealthy need for power and control over others, which leads to violence, abuse and war. Let us think of the children of the world and how they are innocent bystanders to the abuse, wars, continuing destruction of our environment and food sources. They are at the mercy of the whimes of the adults. It is the adults who make the decisions, and yet when they are destructive decisions it doesn't only afftect the adults involved it also affects the innoccent bystanders, the children. Would it not be better to unite as human beings to create peace in this world.

How is this accomplished. It is accomplished by not only respecting ourselves but respecting others, no matter who they are. It is by living ones life with a sense of integrity, which means that when we say something or commit to something (even if it is just returning a phone call), that we follow through. By being consistant with what we say and do. These are necessary to estsblish trust, not only in our everyday lives, but it is important that our business leaders and government leaders exhibit these traits.

Tolerance and nonjudgement are also important. Instead of looking at each other as far as race, nationality, religion, size, shape, lifestyle, financial status would it not be better to focus on the major problems affecting the World. After all the bottom line is we are all human! We could accomplish so much more by ridding this World of disease, famine, homeless, poverty if we would focus on these things. Instead of War with one another, let us all unite and declare and end to these other problems that are in our world today.

10 Keys To Using Color With Feng Shui

10 Keys To Using Color With Feng Shui

by Cucan Pemo

For those that are looking to change their lives and want to take a fresh, organic and affordable path to that goal, Feng Shui is the answer. Feng Shui is much more than just organizing your belongings in a particular way to allow for optimal chi flow, it is an entire state of mind.

Feng Shui is much more effective if used in conjunction with other aspects of your life like positive thinking, honest living and meditation. Those aspects of your life work like a magnifying glass that helps to grow and nurture your chi so that not only can it flow freer, but it can also be more powerful.

There are even more things you can do with Feng Shui than just arrange your furniture. Since Feng Shui is so closely related to one’s well being, each color is associated with a particular mood, goal or feeling. Depending on what you are trying to achieve with your Feng Shui, whether it be wealth, health or love, there are individual colors that you want to focus on to help steer your chi in the direction you want it to go in. Here is a list of what each color means to your chi and what you can do to help it.

A few tips to start with: Not everyone likes every color, so if you feel you need to add a color to an area, but it’s not a color you’re particularly fond of, try to find a shade of that color you like, or, at the very least, find an object that you feel strongly about that is colored with the chosen color. Feng Shui will be much more effective if you have a positive reaction to everything you see in your home. Don’t add a color just to add one.

·Blue – Blue is the perfect color to use in the area in which you meditate. It has a very calming affect and it is highly associated with peace and comfort. Blue is excellent to use in a bedroom situation or a place you want to get away from it all. It’s also good in any room that you seek relaxation in on a regular basis like a den or living room.

·Red – Red represents truth and power. It is a good color to use in an area where you work. The home office or den or anyplace you do work should have at least some red in it.

·Green – Not only is green the color of money, it is also associated with health and vitality. It is the perfect color for the bathroom, or anyplace where medical supplies in your home are kept. Hang a green charm in a closet that your first aid kit is kept to help your chi there. It is also good for any room where the family gathers together, like a dining room or living room.

·Purple – As it has for thousands of years, purple is related to majesty and royalty. It works closely with red to help build wealth. It works anywhere where you would put red since wealth and fame tend to go hand in hand.

·Pink – Pink isn’t just for girls anymore, since it is a combination of red (truth and power) and white (purity), pink is highly associated with love. Great for the bedroom or any other place you and a lover are intimate.

·White – The purest color stands for just that. It is also associated with spirituality and is perfect for any children’s room or any place in your home that you look to keep morally pure and clean.

·Grey – Used for transition and connection. Most followers of Feng Shui choose grey for their garage or a vestibule area that connects the inside world to the outside. Grey is also good to use if you add an addition onto your home. You can paint or hang something grey at the line where your old home ended and your new extension begins.

·Black – Not a commonly used color, but it does work in small amounts. It usually stands for negative chi, but if used in areas that have a powerful chi component, areas that are usually painted red or purple, black can work in your favor by absorbing the bad chi and keeping the good chi pure. Don’t overdue it with black, but in small amounts it can really help out.

·Yellow – Yellow isn’t for cowards, it stands for tolerance and authority. It works well on the entry way into the parents bedroom, as well as colors for any lists of chores for kids. Anyplace you feel you need to exert the family pecking order, yellow is the color to use.

·Gold – It’s no surprise that gold is associated with wealth. Use in conjunction with purple and red to help build the wealth in your home office.

Feng Shui can seem mysterious on the surface, but once you break it down, the color system becomes clear. Once you’ve added that extra Feng Shui touch here and there, you can expect to see the results sooner rather than later.

About the Author: Learn The Ancient Art and Science of Feng Shui, Feng Shui Secrets, Feng Shui Tutorials, Feng Shui Tips and Rituals for Luck, Money, Love, and discover how to use Feng Shui to make all your wishes come true! Get your Free Feng Shui tips here!

Article Source:

Feng Shui - The Myth And The Marvel

Feng Shui - the Myth And The Marvel

by Breiana Cecil

It is possibly the most ancient design movement known and yet has made itself an avant-garde design craze. Although, over three thousand years old, the idea of Feng Shui has received much attention in modern day. Surf the net or the local bookstores and you will find numerous resources on the subject. It has taken the Interior Design industry by storm and has found a way into university classrooms all over the world. It has been revered as an art. It has been shunned as superstition. It is controversial, which means it is interesting. So let's take a brief look, shall we?

Feng Shui ("wind-water") is an ancient Chinese practice dealing with the arrangement of a space and its elements to bring balance to the environment and those who dwell within, more basically, living in harmony with your surroundings.

This ancient philosophy says that being in tune with the elements and energy around you will bring you the most balance in life. These elements are Earth, Fire, Water, Metal, and Wood. The energy is Ch'i (pronounced 'chee').

Ch'i is the life force, and it is present all around us, all of the time. The purpose of incorporating Feng Shui into our homes is to attract Ch'i and to raise positive energy levels. The Chinese have utilized this in the construction of large buildings and homes, aligning the corners of the structures with the corresponding directions of the four cardinal directions--north, south, east, and west. The ancient Chinese tended to build their homes according to the directions and meaning of each.

Astrology is incorporated as well. Depending on the individual’s year of birth, each direction has different meaning. Those dealt with include positive directions (prime, health, longevity, prosperity, etc.) and negative directions (death, disaster, the six shar, and the five ghosts). According to Chinese life principle, there is no getting around the negative directions. Though, it is believed that utilizing Feng Shui in your home can keep the Ch'i in balance, and the positive and negative in harmony.

In this day and age, not many of us have the option of choosing our land so freely, as we have settled down already or dwell in apartment buildings. Unfortunately, we can't very well pick up and turn our homes to suit our individual Ch'i. This is where Feng Shui designers have found their calling. Placement of furniture, certain deco, as well as color use are considered imperative factors in the Feng Shui culture. Here are a few interesting and random examples.

Furniture Placement:

- Move the bed to face your health and longevity direction.

- Always have a bed against one wall, as this gives the individual stability.

- The oven and the sink should have space between them, as they represent opposing elements; water and fire.

- The living room is the central gathering room and where most families spend their time. Try to put the main area of focus (television, sound system) in the corner that represents health. This way, when the family lounges together, they are facing a positive direction.

- The Chinese believed that no matter how big the family, there should always be at least eight chairs at the dining table. If more or less, the number must always be even.

- Face the desk that you work at towards your creative direction.

Decorations and Accessories:

- If one of your positive directions lie in the South, and there is a Southern wall with no window in your home, add a mirror. This gives Ch'i room to flow with no ending point.

- The bathroom of your home is the place for Ch'i to pool--and in its most negative environment. Bathrooms are typically small, and are associated with destruction. Mirrors, and house plants should be abundant in this area.

- The living room or bedroom are good places for oil paintings and art, as these are objects of prosperity.

- The study, or the area where you do so, should be filled with objects of creativity. Fill the area with artwork, pottery, and house plants. If there is no window above your desk, guess? Add a mirror!

- Round objects represent money. So, in the living room, and study, try round rugs, tables, and coasters.

- Wind chimes, wind chimes, wind chimes! Anything associated with wind will help Ch'i flow freely.


The central colors of importance to Feng Shui include green, red, yellow, white, and black. Although the meaning and directional significance of each differs depending on your source, each color represents one of the five elements (Earth, Fire, Water, Metal, Wood).

- It is important that the color of your bedroom correlate with your element. Mine is water, which seems to be associated with white or blue.

- The kitchen is the one place in the house most susceptible to hazard. Green is the safest color to use here.

- The study is an important area for free air, and open mindedness. Yellow or white will keep the area amicable.

For more information on color use, check out the Quick Guide to Color Effects and Meanings blog.

Whether or not you take the ancient art of Feng Shui on board, it is quite an impressive subject as well as vastly immense--I have only just touched the bare minimum here. Aside from the apparent mysticism, its principles touch upon the chic mannerism of modern design as well. More and more designers and clients are designing with meaning and with spirituality. In my opinion, this is wonderful!

Every type of art has spiritual root and meaning--it's the artist that makes it distinct. As always, my best design advice is to understand what touches you and manifest it into your space. Peace be with you and may your Ch'i flow free!

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The History Of Solar Power

The History Of Solar Power

by Will Reece

With the recent rise in energy costs many people have been looking to alternative sources of energy. One of the greatest energy sources (our sun) is readily available for the taking. We just need to be able to harness it's power. For those interested, below is a brief history of how solar power came to be.

The history of photovoltaic energy (aka. solar cells) started way back in 1876. William Grylls Adams along with a student of his, Richard Day, discovered that when selenium was exposed to light, it produced electricity. An electricity expert, Werner von Siemens, stated that the discovery was "scientifically of the most far-reaching importance". The selenium cells were not efficient, but it was proved that light, without heat or moving parts, could be converted into electricity.

In 1953, Calvin Fuller, Gerald Pearson, and Daryl Chapin, discovered the silicon solar cell. This cell actually produced enough electricity and was efficient enough to run small electrical devices. The New York Times stated that this discovery was "the beginning of a new era, leading eventually to the realization of harnessing the almost limitless energy of the sun for the uses of civilization."

The year is 1956, and the first solar cells are available commercially. The cost however is far from the reach of everyday people. At $300 for a 1 watt solar cell, the expense was far beyond anyone's means. 1956 started showing us the first solar cells used in toys and radios. These novelty items were the first item to have solar cells available to consumers.

In the late 1950's and early 1960's satellites in the USA's and Soviet's space program were powered by solar cells and in the late 1960's solar power was basically the standard for powering space bound satellites.

In the early 1970's a way to lower to cost of solar cells was discovered. This brought the price down from $100 per watt to around $20 per watt. This research was spearheaded by Exxon. Most off-shore oil rigs used the solar cells to power the waning lights on the top of the rigs.

The period from the 1970's to the 1990's saw quite a change in the usage of solar cells. They began showing up on railroad crossings, in remote places to power homes, Australia used solar cells in their microwave towers to expand their telecommunication capabilities. Even desert regions saw solar power bring water to the soil where line fed power was not an option!

Today we see solar cells in a wide variety of places. You may see solar powered cars. There is even a solar powered aircraft that has flown higher than any other aircraft with the exception of the Blackbird. With the cost of solar cells well within everyone's budget, solar power has never looked so tempting.

Recently new technology has given us screen printed solar cells, and a solar fabric that can be used to side a house, even solar shingles that install on our roofs. International markets have opened up and solar panel manufacturers are now playing a key role in the solar power industry.
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The Humble Frog

The Humble Frog
by Carolyn Donnelly


This small quirky creature has played a key role in the lives of human societies across the world. Many millions of years before man appeared on the geological timescale, frogs hopped the earth. They have existed through vast climate change and earth movements and have survived major earth catastrophes that wiped out entire animal groups. In the time that they have shared this planet with us, a relatively short period of time for them, they have taught us much. They have supplied us with medical breakthroughs, environmental knowledge and for many cultures, great wisdom. They are an icon for luck, prosperity, health and wellbeing. But to many they are far more than this - they are teachers of tolerance and humility, helping us to have sympathy for others while showing us the importance of generosity, personal sacrifice and opportunity. In respect for 2008, The Year of the Frog, this is my reflection on a little beast that has given us so much.

Assisting Human Needs

Eating a diet of insects and small invertebrates, frogs play a critical role in the control of agricultural pests and vectors of disease such as mosquitoes. They are also the food source for a range of reptiles, birds and mammals, including humans. Therefore frogs are a vital element of many ecosystems. As frogs take in water and air through their skin, they make good environmental indicators and so have served as an alert to changes in water quality and the environment. Unfortunately, this also makes them susceptible to pollution.

Frogs have provided us with great breakthroughs in modern medicine for diseases and conditions such as strokes, cancer, healing scars, HIV aids and Alzheimer’s. Special chemical compounds from frogs have long been known and exploited by ancient and tribal cultures, who have used frog parts for many centuries in cures and as hallucinogens in religious ceremonies.

Bringer of Luck and Wealth

To the Chinese, the frog is a divine creature which protects against misfortune and brings wealth and good health to the family. The Money Frog, also called Chan Chu, was the pet of Liu Hai, the God of Wealth, and is the symbol of wealth and prosperity. In Feng Shui, it is beneficial to have a frog in your home and the Money Frog depicted with a coin in its mouth is a common Feng Shui statue. Having a family of frogs living in your garden is particularly lucky and is said to bring great wealth and longevity to the inhabitants of the home.

Helping us to Understand and Protect our Environment

The frog is a totem in Australian Aboriginal culture and features in many dreamtime stories and songs and is a common animal in creation stories. The story of Gurukmun, tells of a huge frog that drank all the water on earth so that there was none left for the other animals. The frog, Gurukmun, finally was tricked into laughing by the other animals causing him to spill all the water out of his mouth which filled the oceans, rivers and lakes with water once more. For me, this alludes to the connection that the Aboriginal people made between the frog and the seasons, droughts and life-giving rains.

Tribal African groups had specific uses for particular frogs. Some frogs were eaten and others were collected for use in traditional medicine. Frogs also played a role in determining what activities occurred where, thereby protecting some areas from human use. Some tribespeople from South Africa would not collect water from places where there were frogs, believing that where there were frogs the water was not sweet and that giant birds who ate the frogs posed a danger to people. Beliefs such as these controlled the spread of diseases like Bilhazia. Some American Indian tribes revered the frog as a sacred keeper of seasons. Many believed that frogs kept the water clean and fresh so that it was drinkable.


The Japanese believe that the frog or ‘kaeru’ is lucky to have around as the presence of a frog means that value will be returned to the person who gives something away. For instance, if a good friend is leaving, they will return or if you give money away, greater wealth will be returned to you. Frogs were also thought to hold the secret of immortality.

In American Indian culture, the medicine frog is a significant totem. It is said to teach insight and depth of perception and sympathy for others needs. It represents new life and spiritual cleansing, assisting people into the next stage of life and providing an opportunity for transformation. In some tribes, hallucinogenic compounds derived from frogs were used in rituals which involved self-transcendence and communication with the spirit world.

The frog was also a sacred creature in ancient Europe and was commonly used in cures and potions by Pagan healers. The Grim Brothers “Frog Prince” fairy tale was translated from older versions, the original thought to be an old Scottish fairy tale written in 1548 called “The Tale of the Queen who Sought a Drink from a Certain Well”. In each of the versions of the tale, the Queen or Princess meets a frog to whom she makes a promise out of desperation to fulfil her own immediate need. In each of the stories the leading lady is disgusted by the frog, who she sees as ugly. Once her own need has been satisfied she very begrudgingly fulfils her promise to the frog. In fact, she would not have fulfilled her promise if there wasn’t someone else in the story reminding her of what she must do. However, in fulfilling her promise to the frog, she is presented with a beautiful and charming prince who whisks her away to a life of love and security.

Although there have been many versions of the Frog Prince, the message remains the same in all of them - that often an opportunity presents itself in an unattractive form and the significance of that opportunity is not initially obvious. We may take the task on resentfully, feeling sorry for ourselves and task that we must bear, only to find that the opportunity presented to us was such a wonderful life changing event that any discomfort that we had to tolerate along the way was insignificant in the light of what resulted.

A Wise Old Survivor (now under threat)

In the association between frog and man it seems to me that the frog has earned the reputation of a creator and source of great wisdom and knowledge, one who has much to teach us and one that we seek out for answers. It comes as no surprise that this quirky little animal has earned the respect of so many humans around the world. He is a great survivor, having lived upon the earth since the Jurassic, some 145 to 205 million years ago. His ancestral memory must be immense. In his time on earth, he has managed to exploit and adapt to just about every environment, from the warm and humid rainforests to the dry desert expanses, and then he has continued to adapt through many changes to those environments over millions of years. He has seen great tectonic shifts in the earth surface, held on through ice ages and the meteorite that killed dinosaurs. He has seen species come and go.

Yet, after occupying our planet for about 150 million years or more, our little friend is now disappearing at a rapid rate. Almost half of our frog species around the world are endangered. His ability to breathe through his skin, possibly an adaptation that has served him well in the past, is now proving to be one of the great threats to his survival in this modern world. Agricultural and industrial pollutants and sewage entering waterways as well as land clearing and grazing of livestock near wetlands have been the greatest pollution threats to frogs. No animal, however, can survive loosing their habitat and many more frogs around the world have disappeared due to drying up, removal and destruction of their wetland, creek and river homes. To top it off, the Chytrid fungus has been spreading through frog communities at a fast pace, killing frogs in many areas, even in pristine environments far away from the affects of human development.


What affects our living environment affects us and the plight of this special little character is another wake up call. Perhaps the frog has a message for us in the issues affecting his own future. As in the story of the Frog Prince, perhaps humanity is the ‘Princess’ that has been presented with an opportunity to help the frog. As the frogs’ need for fresh clean water parallels our own, we may find that in protecting and conserving our forests and wetlands, we will lessen the frog’s demise, while taking measures to slow our own. Perhaps our friend is presenting us with an opportunity to assess our values and how we live and the ongoing impacts for our health, wealth, wellbeing and therefore ... our future.

It’s worth pondering…..

Carolyn is an ecologist with an interest in spiritual ecology and earth based religious ethic. Her website, Placid Moon, sells a range of new age items including pagan pendants, essential oils, scented candles, new age books, incense and incense burners, oil warmers, candle holders, windchimes, bronze bells along with a range of ritual and altar supplies.

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A Healing Environment

A Healing Environment. One with Nature. Story about Values.

By: Oscar Basurto Carbonell

The most important group of wise men were assembled in the outskirts of the city. These were really wise, because they had dedicated their lives to contemplate, admire and appreciate the harmony of this world. The reason of the meeting was that in the last hundred years, the destruction of Nature had hastened and they wanted to build a monument to call the attention of everybody. They wanted to deliver the message that it was necessary to take care of the Earth and Nature. Not only with comments but with actions. It was necessary to show that there was a feeling, a commitment, to that purpose in order to have a change. Since the wise men were concerned about the increasing damage, maltreatment, extinction and garbage. Because tomorrow and later, what would we have left as a planet, as home? Then, the wise men decided to do a contest in order to motivate young people and adults, to live in a world of peace and harmony with Nature. It was agreed that the one who could fulfill the requirements, would be recognized as a wise person compromised with the real life. It happened that many went to the contest and delivered big speeches since they wanted to be recognized as an authority in the matter. It may have been that to be called wise man captivated them more than the project per se.And many brought sculptures, poems, poetry; they all were compromised somehow but there was always shining in some of them, the conceited desire to be chosen like the best.And, of course, this contest was very unique and some of the contestants were almost ready to wear the crown. Many came with medals, horses, musical bands, to the point that the spirit of the contest was somewhat lost. Because it was a large field but there were a lot of papers, bottles, bags, newspapers, leftovers, vehicles; we could say that 30% was a big fiasco. And on top, another group was formed and they were protesting against the first group. Overall, the convention lasted three days and the damage caused was not repaired for thirty days. All the expositions were reviewed and the comments were good but many persons were not consistent since there was one who spoke with beautiful words but was wearing leather. And he said: "Let's love the animals".There was a committee of refined ladies who promised to contribute many millions but were wearing fur coats. Then, many miners, people in the construction business and people whose business was to cut down trees came with the idea of collaborating with money but with the purpose of receiving some recognition.Truly, there was nobody to pick but the organizers trying to solve this problem, said that there was a draw and to solve the situation they would accept another person, who was not recommended, who did not have millions. Then, they looked for and found another person. There were two contestants who were very rich, were highly recommended and they had their fans. And one of then was asked: - What do you feel in front of so much damage caused to our Nature?- And the man said:-Our corporation will contribute millions for the investigation of the forestation and the study of all the beautiful wood and species, in order to establish a self supportive mechanism that assures to these species, a habitat, reservations zoos, scientific investigation and development. - He received some applause. Another contestant seemed very philosophical, very enthusiastic and said:-The first thing to do is for man not to mix with Nature so we will build a big wall and we will bring an army that will take care of the area and they will fine or sent to jail the ones who dump trash or make a mess. He also added: -If we are not careful, we will be left without a planet.- He had some approval.The turn came for the third one and they asked him again but since he did not seem to be an important person, they just asked: -What do you feel?- And he said: -I see Nature and all her inhabitants as my father, mother, brothers, even more, I see Nature as my heart, hands, eyes, feet. In the mountains, I see my grandparents and dreams, which I will reach someday by virtue of my faith on life. In the rivers, I see the satiated thirst of men, women and children; I see the purity, the gentleness of my mother nursing me; in the earth, I see my home, the womb of my mother, the children being born, I see the blooming of life.He had not finished talking when they interrupted him because his speech was very different than the others. They hurried him, even more, they mistreated him, saying:-Be specific, say something and finish.- And they asked him again:-What do you feel?-And he answered: - When I see my mother suffering and her children dying, I feel sadness, a very deep sadness, as a root that is withering, and I cry when I a see a cut down tree thinking about how many wasted years. If you want me to sum up my feelings, I will say that I feel a tear in the deepest part of my being.After he said those words, the public immediately took sides, like the created interests, the laboratories companies, who did not understand, but the natural persons, gave him a continuous ovation.It was so much that this brought an end to the tie and a monument was chosen, that showed a man raising a withered, dried flower to the sky and he was surrounded by cut down trees, dead animals and the man had many tears in his face. There was also an inscription that said: "Let's never reach the point of having to cry for what we have lost and will never come back"And next to the monument, they planted what would be a forest, that also had another inscription:"You are welcome, man, because you are one with Nature. Let's live in harmony and peace. Let's serve one another, because that is the path to eternity."And in this way, a great truth was found and it was recognized great authority and wisdom in this natural, unaffected man.
Oscar Basurto Carbonell is a well known international lecturer, Spiritual Teacher and Healer. Poet and author of innumerable writings related to Self Knowledge, Healing, Art for Good Health, Meditation and Spiritual Science, are some of his subjects. He has been painting since his early years. And has a great knowledge on the ancient science of techniques and designs of the Sacred Geometry, on the Ancient Symbols and on Healing Energy. His works are energy and poetry in movement that take us to
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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Uniting Against Fear

Uniting Against Fear

By Linda Kay Marchena

I remember when just a child of 7 years, the atmosphere of fear that surrounded our lives. It was the Cold War Era. The main topic of conversation at our dinner table and our neighbors' was about building bomb shelters, and stocking up on a years supply of can goods and water. You know, just in case someone decided to drop a nuclear bomb. Schools at that time had air raid drills besides the regular fire drills.

Today everyone is talking about terrorism as part of their topic of conversation. There is something wrong when we live in a world with so much potential for good, that we expose children to things to fear of on a daily basis.

Children being hurt, killed abused in all sorts of ways, by war, gang violence, abusive family members.

Just think of how much good and how much better this world would be if the adults of the world would unite together to say no more. No to their own anger, no to their fear, no to their selfishness, no to the past traumas of their lives that trigger extreme behavior such as an unhealthy need for power and control over others, which leads to violence, abuse and war. Let us think of the children of the world and how they are innocent bystanders to the abuse, wars, continuing destruction of our environment and food sources. They are at the mercy of the whimes of the adults. It is the adults who make the decisions, and yet when they are destructive decisions it doesn't only afftect the adults involved it also affects the innoccent bystanders, the children. Would it not be better to unite as human beings to create peace in this world.

How is this accomplished. It is accomplished by not only respecting ourselves but respecting others, no matter who they are. It is by living ones life with a sense of integrity, which means that when we say something or commit to something (even if it is just returning a phone call), that we follow through. By being consistant with what we say and do. These are necessary to estsblish trust, not only in our everyday lives, but it is important that our business leaders and government leaders exhibit these traits.

Tolerance and nonjudgement are also important. Instead of looking at each other as far as race, nationality, religion, size, shape, lifestyle, financial status would it not be better to focus on the major problems affecting the World. After all the bottom line is we are all human! We could accomplish so much more by ridding this World of disease, famine, homeless, poverty if we would focus on these things. Instead of War with one another, let us all unite and declare and end to these other problems that are in our world today.